You deserve a great team!

Teams are a great and reliable way to spin off innovation in your startup or an enterprise company.

How it works

Our team of top notch devs, designers and team leaders is here to work side-by-side your team. Throughout the years we have learned a successful cooperation is based on the following principles:

Mutual Trust

Mutual trust

No extensive paperwork, no micromanagement.

Healthy communication and openness

Be it on-site or an offsite gig, we heavily rely on modern communication tools such as Trello, Slack, Google Hangouts or alike.

Remote work

Remote work

We teach our clients that remote worker is not an evil but rather a blessing.


Teams instead of individuals

We hesitate to offer single monks for a long-term work but rather offer a squad.


Did you succeed in raising growth capital?
Now you can acquire talented people into your startup.

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Who benefits from acquihiring

  • You continue working with proven people
  • Technicians can become part of your promising business venture
  • Investor is pleased to see a solid team around your project

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Our experience

We have already gone through this with Pricef(x) and thus we see it as a valid approach. Our technical team has been cooperating on the project from the very early stage, building its software, website, services, or bringing new ideas to your business.
After successful Seed round most of the team members decided to join the PriceF(x) core team.

Case Studies

Ceska Sporitelna Team

Web API Team
  • 6 people, 4 years
  • API gateway design and development for a major czech bank
  • Security, cashing, rest API, scaling, monitoring, analytics
  • Java, Spring, Camel, Javascript, Ember.js

PriceF(x) Team

  • fully remote team based in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 10 team members acquihired after 4 years
  • Bottom-up development, UX, design, maintenance
PriceFX Team

Purpose Fly Team

  • 4 team members
  • experienced in data science, machine learning, AWS and serverless technology